Dementia at Night

Those folks that see me on a regular basis, often tell me that I look tired.  I do, and that is another unwelcome part of Dementia.  It disrupts the sleep cycle, and deep sleep in particular.  Even with a strong sleep medication, I occasionally wake up in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason.  I don’t usually get up and wander, as folks with more advanced cases seem to do, though I’ve done that on occasion.  My wife Cookie has me well aware of it!

Though I’m not an expert on such things, it seems logical that sleep deprivation would disrupt normal brain functions, especially memory.  That has been true in my case, though it’s been a gradual thing.  Those who see me on a regular basis probably  don’t notice it much, but I am very much aware of it happening.  I am also afraid of where it is leading.

I am taking some medications that might be described as “brain food”.  As my doc described it, the brain has reduced capacity for memory storage because of dementia damage.  The medication provides food for the brain to make up for it.  Unfortunately, the medication cannot restore my brain to its former capacity, because of the damage previously done.  Of course, this is much the same issue that NFL players and others are struggling with, the brain damage already done.

I want to thank all of you for journeying with me, as I try and make sense of it all.  I can sense the power and love of the Lord in each and everyone of you.

God’s peace,







3 thoughts on “Dementia at Night”

  1. Father Dave,
    I am so very sorry you are going through this. You are fighting like a champ! I hope your blogging is giving you strength, as well as peace, while it educates the rest of us that are concerned for you! I appreciate and admire you greatly! Also, I am very grateful to you and Cookie for ALL you have done for my family. Prayers continue!!!


  2. Love you! We’d like to come for a visit this fall, let’s figure out a good time, at your convenience.


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