Transitional Meditations

In just two days, I’ll be stepping down as Rector of St. Nick’s Episcopal Church, here in Midland, Texas.  For the first time in many, many years, I will be without a job.  I will be getting used to this thing we call retirement!  My dementia will be joining me on this quest, of course, and adding mischief to it.  At times, it seems my brain just has to take a leave of absence!

Like all of you, I don’t know how life will go, from this moment as I write this.  Our human warranties are only good for the present moment.  Just minutes from now, our lives could suddenly be much different.  Such thoughts have been on my mind, as I continue on my journey.

The truth is that I am very weary.  Enough so, that I omitted a sizable chunk of last Sundays liturgy.  Unfortunately, it has become a more consistent pattern.  More of my brain cells evidently just aren’t firing.  I’ve had to stop pretending that things will eventually get better.

Having served as St. Nick’s Rector has been my greatest privilege.  They were an awesome bunch when I got there, and even more so as I leave!  They understand that Jesus is in love with his whole creation.  He knows we all have warts and things, but he loves us as we are.  Jesus loves us, despite our imperfections.  St. Nick’s is full of folks who have come to understand that.  They radiate their love of Jesus Christ.  There is no litmus test, to come and worship with them.  They know we each must find our way back home to our Creator.  It’s a sacred road we each travel, and we help one another share the load of making our common journey.

For me, the words in the Burial Rite of the Book of Common Prayer have taken on new meaning.  Life has changed, not ended.  I leave the role of Rector, but I continue on that road that leads to life in Jesus Christ.  Like all of you, I have my ups and downs, but those come with any worthwhile journey.  And despite all the bumps I’ve encountered on the road, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I thank you for your many comments and good wishes.  Please, keep sending me a prayer or two, when you have a moment.  If I don’t respond to you, it’s not that I don’t want to. Dementia is a much demanding companion on the road that I am traveling.   And for those of you that are around this weekend, I look forward to sharing the love of Christ with each of you on Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Transitional Meditations”

  1. I wish you well my brother. Just know that Jesus is with you on this journey. A piece of me is with you as well. My prayers and thoughts will be there as you get further into this journey whether you remember or not. Peace Don McClain


  2. Dave. Congratulations on your awesome service to your congregations working from your heart while doing God’s loving work. All that have crossed paths with you forever hold that love for YOU in our hearts. As the days move along & some names, faces, activities slip further to the deeper recesses of your thoughts, my prayer is that God’s mercy allows the feeling of being loved & appreciated surround you/your every cell of your being. May each day find you experiencing the joy of being in the palm of HIS hand ❤️ Thank you for continuating to share your journey. I have been fortunate to work part time at an Assisted Living facility these past few years. I have been blessed by being able to walk into the reality space of people when they were unable to be part of the reality of the general space. It is amazing how powerful the past memories take hold. Setting intention that all the beautiful moments of your life continue to enrich your life. I cherish the time you contributed so much to the Kiwanis Whitewater Breakfast Club in Whitewater WI.


  3. Father Dave, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Know that I love and appreciate all u have done. Thank you.
    Dowagiac MI


  4. My dear friend,
    My prayers and thoughts are with you both on this journey. May God hold you both close and give you strength and peace. Know that you are in our hearts.
    Mike and Taryn


  5. Dear Dave,
    I certainly recognize this path in your life. Many of us are on the same journey. Know you are loved and respected and know that God will be with you, where ever your path leads you. Hopefully, we St.Luker’s will see you again, if you journey up to Wisconsin. Hugs, Nancy Endres


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