A Paper Chase with Dementia

Now that Cookie and I are both retired, we are preparing to sell one of our cars.  After much discussion, we’ve decided to hold on to our Buick Regal and sell our Toyota Camry.  We’ve been doing research, reading the venerable “Blue Book” as a guide to setting the selling price, and cleaning up the car as best we can.  Our plans have run into a bit of a snag though; we can’t find the Vehicle Titles.

I have been the designated filer of records during our twenty-five years of marriage.  Two filing cabinets, manila folders, three ring notebooks, my system worked flawlessly for years.  “A place for everything, and everything in its place”, as the saying goes, until the arrival of my Dementia.  Throw in a move in the midst of all that, and the Dementia was delighted to cause us some chaos.  Since that happened, I’ve felt somewhat like this creature.


I do have a manila folder for Titles and Registrations.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is the documents aren’t in it.  I have no memory of taking them out of the folder, or putting them somewhere else.  Were they misfiled?  Thrown away in the move?  Who knows at this point in the adventure?

With Dementia, I can remember things from the past without any trouble.  But recent memories are another story.  As an example, I have been calling our neighbor “Suzanne” for the past couple of months, until Cookie told me her name was actually Catherine.  Of course, most people begin to forget things as they grow older, but with Dementia its forgetting on steroids.

I’m not sure why Dementia takes the recent memories first.  When I was first diagnosed, I read some books on Dementia and I seem to recall there was some reason for that.  But these days I don’t remember much that I read, I’ve got my hands full trying to live in the moment.

And so, I continue searching for those missing pieces of paper, hoping I find them misfiled.  Realistically, I suppose I’ll soon be contacting the great State of Texas, to have them send me some duplicates. It’ll cost a few bucks, but we can’t sell the Camry without them.  And I expect that eventually we’ll find the originals, stashed in the place where I stuck them for safekeeping.  But that’s okay, because with Dementia, it’s always good to have copies!


Fr Dave

One thought on “A Paper Chase with Dementia”

  1. Dave, can I assume the cars have been paid for in full, because if there is still $ owed, your lending company keeps the title until they are paid off. Hope you are doing well. Always enjoy your articles!


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