Remembering (or not) with Dementia

20170923_164445I have read that with all the varieties of Dementia, the newest memories are the first to go.  I’ve always thought that seemed counter-intuitive, but it does work that way.  I can remember times from my childhood with relative ease, while current memories quickly escape me.

An example of this phenomena happened the other day.  I had walked into the living room, and all three of our dogs were standing together watching me.  I said hi to BB and Paco, but when it came to this rascal, 20170924_182934 (2)I could not remember her name.  My mind had gone completely blank on me.  I tried saying the names of Paco & BB over and over, hoping her name would jump out at me.  No luck, the face was there, but evidently the name had been changed to protect the innocent.  It was probably five or six minutes before the word “Shelley” came to me.

Another example occurred yesterday at Church.  The priest leading the service preached an excellent sermon on the appointed Gospel reading from Matthew 25: 31-46, and afterwards I shared with him how much I had enjoyed his sermon.  When I woke up this morning, I was thinking about the Sunday service and realized I had no memory of the Gospel reading or the sermon.  I could remember my short conversation with the priest after the service, but nothing about what the sermon had been about.  It was only by going into the Sunday schedule of lessons that I remembered the passage he had preached on.

I have to confess, it was pretty unnerving.  I still can’t remember much of the details of the sermon, not even the joke it opened with.  I remember everyone laughing at it, including myself.  But my memory of it has disappeared, to wherever the dementia has taken it.

Thus far, my memory loss has been rather sporadic, with these “senior moments” coming and going.  Unfortunately, they seem to coming a bit more often these days.  Cookie has gone from being an occasional chauffeur, to nearly full time.  I have taken up walking, exploring Odessa one part at a time.  It’s been a good outlet for me as things slowly progress, and I try and make sense of it all.

Update from last blog:  Roofers haven’t reached us yet!


Fr. Dave



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