Dementia & Romanticism

Perhaps you’ve seen the ads for the fold-out greeting cards on Facebook, or on some other venue.  The ad I saw from “LovePoP” featured a “3-D” card with a tree, that when fully expanded, featured many cut-paper green leaves.  The tree got my attention, as my wife Cookie loves pictures of trees.  The card also featured a pop up bridge with a couple holding hands.  I thought it was kind of romantic, in a guy sort of way, so I ordered one on-line and waited for the card to arrive. 20180115_163726

A few days ago I was working at my desk, when Cookie walked in all smiles.  She was holding the said card, and said, “I was looking at a picture of these cards and I was trying to figure out where to order one.  I think they might have sent me one as a trial offer.”  I responded with just a few words; was your name on the envelope?  She then went and checked the torn envelope and said, “It’s addressed to you.”  I replied, “Yep, it was supposed to be a surprise!”  And then I said my usual reply when such things happen:  “Cooookieeee!”

All was well though.  She loved the card, as I knew she would, even without my name.  And, if it had come to me, I would have written something on it, most likely in a sloppy way.  That has been one of my surprises with dementia, that it interferes with my handwriting; somehow the communication between my brain and my hand has been disrupted by the disease.  The number of checks I’ve had to void the past few months is pretty amazing.

But, I’ve still got the romantic touch.  I think the tree card was the present she enjoyed the most this Christmas.  Not a mention from her of the card coming late, and not being under our Christmas tree.  I think I’m golden for the time being, and guys, I can live with that.


Father Dave







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