Thanks for the Memories. And Dementia.


I had an uptick this week in memory issues, which coincided with the week I was getting  tax stuff to our preparer.  These memory issues have been the kind where I’ve been thinking about one thing and then I lose track of what I was thinking about.  I know this happens to everyone now and then; it’s the increasing frequency of “senior moments” which distinguishes dementia from the “normal” patterns of behavior.  More specifically, dementia attacks the most recent memories first, leaving older memories virtually intact until much later in the dementia’s progression.

But, I knuckled down and got everything in, and now we wait to hear the amount we owe.  Hopefully, our preparer will work some magic and lower our pain level just a bit.  At least, that’s what I’m praying for these next few days, when I remember to do so.  It comforts to know that Jesus and family also had to pay their taxes way back when, its a very old tradition.

Thankfully, my friend Rick was in town for a few days this week, and we had lunch at Jason’s Deli.  He confessed to his addiction to their strawberry shortcake, and of course I had to try it.  Now I’m addicted too.  Why is it now that I can’t forget the strawberry shortcake, just like everything else?

Our dogs have what’s been called “selective memory”.  They are experts at knowing exactly when the treats come out.  If we forget to dispense them, they politely remind us to do so.  Okay, not so politely.  They even lead us to the kitchen and point out out where they are.  But try to teach them “tricks” and they’re not the least bit interested.  They quickly find their favorite spot and catch some Z’s.


Memory is a strange thing.  As a priest, I can remember many Bible verses like I learned them yesterday.  But ask me where I put my glasses, and I’ll be searching for a while.  I can meet a person, and within a minute forget their name.  But I can remember people I went to school with, folks I haven’t seen in fifty years and it’s like I saw them yesterday.

My friend Rick asked me how I was feeling, and I just said this: “It’s taking a lot of medication just to be the way I am.”  And it takes some doing for me to remember to take my meds.  But I have Cookie to remind me, and she does that very well.  Thank y’all for reading, it really means a lot.


Father Dave



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