Money & Dementia

“I met a man, who knew a man, who said he knew a man, who knew what was going on.  I was mistaken…..”

I’ve always loved this song, written by David Crosby (of Crosby, Stills & Nash fame) many years ago.  I think it rather succinctly describes the uproar in our nations capitol at the present time.  There seems to be a growing vacuum at the top of our nation’s government, a lack of spiritual direction, if you will.  A number of politicians are jumping ship, and deciding to retire; I suspect many of their staffers will too.  Like Mr. Crosby’s lyrics, it’s near impossible to find someone who understands what’s really going on.

It also seems to me that manners are now in short supply.  I consider this to be a national problem, in Washington D.C. in particular, as well as in many of our state capitols.  In fact, it seems to be a viral issue, using the lingo of the day.  Good manners are disappearing at an alarming rate, and I wonder why this is so.  Surely this is learned behavior; where have the teachers of this growing plague arisen from?

Now, my opinion is that it seems best to get along with one another.   We can agree to disagree, but we can do it nicely.  But the behavior being modeled by our politicians just reflects our divided nation. And along with the nastiness, comes all sorts of greed.  More and more of our nation’s wealth is the hands of fewer and fewer people.  I believe the transfer of this money into fewer hands can only lead to tyranny.


This concentration of a nations’ wealth is an ancient problem.  It has often resulted, historically, in the eventual destruction of a nation.  The concentration of money in the hands of fewer and fewer people, historically, has meant that those very people have made some very bad decisions.


No one is talking much about this issue, though I believe they should be.  The shell game of the recent tax reform act transfers incredible amounts of money to the wealthiest people of this nation.  More and more citizens of our country will be left behind.  As Jesus said repeatedly in the scriptures, “Feed my sheep”.  Why?  He knew the wealthy folks that controlled the government weren’t about to do it.


Fr Dave




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