Neurologist vs Neurologist & Dementia

I’m Back…Yes, I know its been a while.  All I can say is, there’s moving and then there are the endless details after “settling in”.  Details, such as connecting with new Doctors and Clinics, amongst other things.  It has been an interesting process, though somewhat exhausting for Cookie and I.  Some things have changed, but not everything…

This morning, the temperature was down in the thirties.  Cookie drove to church, a fifteen minute ride from our house.  We had to park a ways from the door, as all of the close spots were taken.  After church, we were walking back to the car with the temp still in the low forties.  I innocently mentioned to my better half that since she was doing all  the driving now, she could get the car and pick me up at the door.  I said this rather facetiously, but it didn’t much matter; the rules weren’t subject to change.  Message received, with crystal clarity!

I now have a new Neurologist, and during my first exam he informed that I don’t have dementia.  That was the proverbial thunderbolt, and it still has me reeling.  It’s a very unsettling thing when one neurologist says you do, and another says you don’t.  Quite frankly, I didn’t know what to think, and still don’t.  On the one hand, it seems too good to be true, and on the other hand, I still have the usual symptoms.  My memory problems continue to get worse,  and the brain lesions have not gone away.  Never-the-less, he was quite confident in his diagnosis; he said that if I really had dementia I would be much worse by now, given the time spread.

It’ was the first time in my life that I’ve had two doctors disagree on a diagnosis.  It feels  weird and uncomfortable.  The new guy has arranged for a battery of testing, which I will be undergoing later in November.  Hopefully, they’ll figure out what’s going on up in my attic.  Curious also, the new guy didn’t change any of my medication.  He left me on it, at least until I have the testing he scheduled.

Coming up also is an appointment with my new Cardiologist, though I doubt this time there’ll be any drama.  Three bypasses and two stents make a diagnosis relatively easy!  Since we moved, I’ve taken to walking three miles a day, around the circumference of our neighborhood.  Knowing Cardiologists as I do, he’ll probably ask me to double that.

We have a new granddaughter, Tali (Talia), who weighed in early at nine pounds and change.  We flew up to visit with her and her proud Mommy and Daddy in early October. She is a cutie!

We are feeling settled in Lewisville now, and I hope to return more to my writing.  I’ve   learned the hard way to double-check whatever I do, and yet, I still get confused.  I hope my new Neurologist can shed some light on the subject.


Fr Dave

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